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Wayne D. Effron, Esq.


    Wayne D. Effron has been practicing law in Greenwich for over thirty years.  He is acknowledged as one of the preeminent matrimonial lawyers in the state of Connecticut.  Wayne is listed in Best Lawyers in America and has earned an AV rating in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.  He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as well a past president of its Connecticut Chapter.  He has been listed in Top Lawyers, Connecticut Magazine; Best Lawyers, Westchester Magazine; and Best Lawyers, New York Magazine.

    Mr. Effron was formerly an adjunct professor of law, Pace University School of Law and has served the mediation arm of the Connecticut Superior Court as a Special Pre-Trial Master since 1983.  He is the co-author of Volumes 2, 3 and 3A of the Connecticut Practice Series, which serves as a guide for attorneys throughout the state.  He has published numerous articles and is a frequent lecturer in the area of family law. 

Read Wayne D. Effron's curriculum vitae in detail.

Read Client Comments about Wayne D. Effron:


"Attorney Effron brings a highly unusual and effective combination of experience, dedication, and intelligence to his work. He is extremely meticulous, thoughtful, and timely in his work. Most importantly, he never loses sight of the fact that his client is a human being going through an extremely difficult time. In cases involving children, he brings an extra level of dedication and compassion to his work. It has been a privilege to be represented by an attorney who is not only a consummate professional, but also an outstanding human being. "
Laura Maturo - Graduate Student


"Wayne Effron is a hard working, focused lawyer who is diligent and conscientious. Wayne is a great lawyer but always takes the time to explain the law to his client."


"Mr. Effron represented me in a divorce proceeding. I felt that he handled this very difficult and unusual matter with great expertise. He is a very easy person to work with. Unlike most attorneys with whom I have interacted, Mr. Effron was very responsive to all my needs and was prompt, thorough, very clear and concise, and very quick to grasp all of my issues and situations (which were unusually complex). He gave me very well thought-out and wise recommendations and advice. His office and staff were very efficient, responsive, and also easy to work with. Every situation was handled in a timely manner; no delays, no excuses. Mr. Effron is a very ethical attorney. Opposing counsel did many things that were "questionable," yet Mr. Effron ALWAYS took the high road, which at the end of the day was the right road to take. Most importantly, Mr. Effron got a very good result for me. He was always well prepared for depositions and the trial, and was excellent in eliciting information from the other side, in and out of the court. He is intelligent, wise, practical, a good negotiator, and overall, in my opinion, an excellent attorney. "
Steven Cooperman


"Wayne Effron's knowledge, competence, and expertise in his field gave me complete confidence as a client. I have a deep respect for Wayne as a professional and would highly recommend him."
Susan Cooper - Executive Vice President
AXA Advisors, LLC


"Wayne Effron does exactly what he says he is going to do. He knows how to get the job done with a high degree of success. The client is well informed about the process and the expense prior to any commitment. Wayne and his staff were a pleasure to work with through these very trying times. They were very efficient and timely in responding to matters and concerns. I have recommended him to everyone who approaches me seeking a divorce. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Wayne because the outcome was as positive as it could be considering the circumstances. Martha S. Wright "
Martha Wright


"Wayne handled my divorce in 2001 and 2002. I was referred to Wayne by an attorney friend of mine. He told me that Wayne could handle the friendly divorces as well as the nasty ones. My divorce was certainly nasty, and I was very pleased to have Wayne on my side. While I don't ever want to have to use his services again, I am extremely glad that I retained him. Ease of Working Relations Wayne is very professional and focused on getting the job done. He is not there to hold your hand; he is there to get you out of an unhappy marriage. If you need to process, hire a therapist. Wayne is extremely focused on doing his job as efficiently and effectively as possible, and he will tell you what you need to do to keep the process on track. Level of Experience Wayne has extensive experience and it shows. I truly believe he is one of the best. Timeliness in Responding I found that Wayne or his staff would respond to any of my inquiries promptly. I did work closely with his assistant in pulling together financial information and his junior associate in preparing perspective pieces. However, when it came to meeting with other attorneys, doing depositions, attending pretrial hearings, etc., Wayne was there and he was extremely prepared. Wayne is a workhorse. I don't think he takes many days off. Effectiveness in working with others Wayne was somebody I could rely on at a time when I wasn't at my strongest. He did a great job managing my belligerent ex-husband and his parade of attorneys. He is very good at reading people, managing meetings, and negotiating. Clarity of Communications Wayne is a great writer. His letters are succinct and to the point, which is particularly appreciated when paying him by the hour. I will continue to recommend Wayne to anyone who asks for a referral. "
Carol Cheswick Wilson - Managing Director
Cheswick Wright Wealth Management


"Wayne is clearly one of the best in his craft. His thoughtful, deliberate style worked extremely well. In addition, he and his team managed me very well in the process. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him."
Theodore Dysart - Managing Partner
Heidrick & Struggles


"Wayne Effron speaks with precision while his honesty is refreshing. Wayne's direct clarity splices through fluff while fearless honesty enables the client to focus on strategy rather than the pain one feels from divorce. He is an experienced pilot flying through rough weather. My advice to clients is to accept Wayne's navigating skills, let go, and turn the process over to his perfectionism. A client's ex-spouse might find Wayne agonizing. "
Lisa Warren - Artist
Lisa Warren


"Mr. Effron did a very thorough and amiable job on my divorce case. He was very thoughtful throughout the process and made himself available when needed. The actual Divorce Decree is considered, by my peers, to be very generous. His knowledge of all aspects was as clear to me, as it seemed to be to the Judge. The Judge granted the divorce after 10 minutes due to the level of competency, on Mr. Effron's behalf. I think the best compliment came from my ex-husband who said, "I think that you had the better lawyer!""


"I found Wayne to be extremely well prepared in every aspect of my case. His concern for myself, as well as my children, was very important and helpful to me. He was extremely diligent and thorough in his presentation to both myself and before the Court. I highly recommend Wayne Effron and his Firm."


"Wayne's judgment and expertise in guiding me through my divorce was extremely helpful in bringing things to a very successful outcome during a very strenuous period of my life. He was a pleasure to work with, did not create an adversarial relationship with the other attorney, and was always clear and prompt concerning his communications and follow-ups."


"Mr. Effron did an excellent job representing me in my divorce. He is thorough and methodical in the discovery process, but does not draw it out unnecessarily. He does not dwell on issues that are not contentious, but instead focuses on the problem areas and works to resolve those. He is a skilled negotiator, and does not easily settle for less than his client deserves. His reputation for excellence in trying cases before a judge encourages the opposing counsel to work towards settlement. As he said to me the first time I met him, "This is not about emotion. It's about negotiation.""
Linda LaTrenta - MD
Radio Systems Corporation


"Mr. Effron is an extremely thorough and detail-oriented attorney. He is also respectful. He and his staff are very professional, courteous, and private. The decisions and outcomes that are in the best interest of me and my family have been and continue to be the motivation behind his work."


"Wayne Effron gave my case the utmost attention. While I realized that he had a very large workload, I never once felt that I was being neglected; in fact, he often made me feel as though I was his only and most important case. That is not an easy feat with a workload his size. His staff were congenial and a pleasure to work with. I felt that I had a true advocate in Wayne. He was determined to look after my best interests, often times far better than I was able to do myself. He put my children's welfare first and I always appreciated and respected him for that. He never compromises his integrity. He truly made me feel that he had a vested interest in the successful outcome of my case. It has been three years since my case concluded and I still do not hesitate to call him for advice. I have a great deal of personal and professional respect for Wayne Effron and would not hesitate for a second to recommend his services. "


"Mr. Effron represented me in two cases. The first was my divorce after a broken down marriage that had lasted 35 years. Needless to say I was very apprehensive about the outcome, but Mr. Effron handled the testimony that my wife gave with just the right measure of tact and skill. The second case was very involved, bringing my mother-in-law, an elderly lady in a nursing home, into the divorce case. There had been a large amount of money that my wife tried unsuccessfully to accuse me of taking. He showed the court there had been no loan or any involvement by me in any way."
Franklin Davis - Director of Corporate Aviation
American International Group


"I have the highest level of respect for Mr. Effron and his staff and the manner in which he practices law. Mr. Effron is extremely professional, thoughtful and insightful, and clearly commands respect and admiration from his fellow counsel and members of the court. His office is well-run and his office support staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Messages are always passed along accurately and phone calls returned promptly. Divorce law is complicated. It involves emotional situations which can be unpredictable. Clients can often get upset and easily discouraged. Mr. Effron is skilled at handling these situations which commonly arise, and his empathetic nature is invaluable. I would highly recommend his services."
Jennifer Balin



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